Poster idea:  I was looking for something that is able to link everyone together. I hold two lunch meetings every week to invite people around the CCA. Every poster has different themes.  


I believe food is a powerful medium for sharing, and collaborative the natural approach to entertaining love. I definitely declare myself as a fan of this community. I enjoy sharing the everyday pleasure of life, like cooking, eating, setting a table, visiting the farmers market, picking fresh fruits and vegetable or discovering a special establishment like a coffee shop and restaurant. This idea is also about bringing yourself and other together. Spending some quality time collecting minds. Friends can be made in a sharing experience with or without the background and gesture.


CATEGORY:  Filming, Poster design, intercation
TYPE:Research, Photography, Typography,




When they have lunch with me. I noticed many details.
What color of clothes they wear. 
How their hands gesture on the table, is wear a watch or not
what time is right now...